Account Manager

Lisbon, Portugal · Account Management · AM


We are a family of successful software companies providing solutions to the tourism industry.

TrekkSoft Group’s value creation is driven by the acquiring, integrating and growing of software companies focused on the Enterprise customer segment in the tourism industry.

We want to provide a long-term “safe haven” for SMEs providing software solutions for the tourism industry. We support owners with capital, know how, sales and marketing to further develop their business or make a smooth transition to a new leadership team. TrekkSoft Group is run by entrepreneurial founders of a successful software company in tourism.

About Payyo

Payyo is a subsidiary of TrekkSoft Group with the headquarters in Switzerland. We work with the vision to streamline international payments, accounting and process optimization for members of TrekkSoft Group and independent 3rd party travel companies. We share the passion to love our clients and love travel. Our solutions are not just API, or a technical product but solutions which make the daily life of our clients easier and therefore the clients happier.

Our daily work and Culture

Many software companies and marketplaces are struggling with payment topics. Online-Payment is an exciting industry filled with challenges and at Payyo we strive to offer the best experience possible for our clients, giving support with Payment topics and identifying new business opportunities. We are helping our customers to increase their Customer Lifetime Value with increasing the margin on the Gross Merchandise Volume. Behind Payyo is a diverse team of individuals with different nationalities, each of whom is dedicated to our customer base and working out of Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and Minsk.

Our culture is to solve problems and get things done. With this value, we can be sure, that we create the highest customer happiness. We believe that flexibility helps employees to make the best job they can. Learning from mistakes but fixing it and making it better the next time.


Full time position working as part of the first Payyo Operations Team based in our offices in Lisbon which we will open in April 2019.

Our Account manager will be responsible for being a truested advisor to our partners (SaaS companies using or wanting to use Payyo services) . The Account Manager role is pivotal to guarantee a good relationship with our partners and make sure their feedback is taken into consideration and acted upon when needed.

Making sure they are the main point of contact and the communication channel to and from the company.

Our SaaS platforms & marketplaces are available to simply process payments and help build successful businesses. Account Manager is responsible for customer experience, customer onboarding, process creation and documentation and be the point of contact for all matters affecting out partners.



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